Goalkeeper update (rumour)

Update re: Mark Tyler and Shwan Jalal.

At the risk of losing all credibility by once again basing a post on nothing more than rumour, RDFC Blog would like to update its readers on the current search for next season’s goalkeeper.

According to one RDFC fan, Jalal is on the verge of signing for the Diamonds in a deal “believed to be around £17.5k”, but are yet to decide personal terms. Jalal, a “decent shot-stopper and a solid keeper”, would be Rushden’s 5th sigingin this close season.

According to the same source, Mark Tyler, also linked with a move to NP, is on his way to N*rthampton Town.




8 Responses to Goalkeeper update (rumour)

  1. Ryan Altham says:

    Whats the rumour about the excellent shot stopper who used to be at weymouth Jonathon Stewart?? He’s out of contract and free at the moment, im sure that would be more convenient than 17.5k for any of these over keepers?? Feedback

  2. rdfcfansblog says:


    I can’t dig up that much about him at the moment. This much I don know:

    He’s a 19 year-old keeper who has previously been on the cards at Swindon, but didn’t make any appearences there. He played 12 games for Weymouth last term , of which he lost 7. He was then released at the end of the term.

    As I said, I couldn’t find that much about him. But a ‘keeper released by WEYMOUTH can’t be that much of a catch, can he?

    RDFC Blog.

  3. BartonRaz says:

    i think its the bloke himself 😉

  4. shwan Jalal says:

    this is shwan jalal i play for the posh at the moment but i am try to link a move to rushden which should be a good way to get my career back on track

    hope you rushden fans write back to my post and i will write back as soon as possible

  5. shwan Jalal fan 4 life says:

    no im not really but i am a massive fan of him and i hope he does come to rushden as i will watch every game home and away

  6. shwan Jalal fan 4 life says:

    i wrote the about being him but i was only jokin kk

  7. rdfcfansblog says:

    Good stuff 😉

  8. shwan Jalal says:

    look here shwan Jalal fan 4 life, i’ve told you about this before. i make a post on a fans blog site in good faith and then you come along and destroy my credibility by claiming it was you. now it’s cost me a move to rushden. happy now?

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