Apocalypse now…

The harshest rumour to hit Rushden highstreet for years…. so harsh and shocking, in fact, that no-one really knows what it entails.

  According to rumours on a number of internet messageboards, the reason for Jimmy Quinn’s removal as CU boss was due to a “brown envelope” incident involving Lee Power and Jimmy Quinn, and the Rob Wolleaston transfer.


Don’t believe the hype. According to other, more reliable sources, Quinn has never had a role in the administrative aspects of transfers at United and, thus, wouldn’t have been sacked, giving the whole story nothing to stand on.

An official Cambridge United statement regarding Quinn’s departure is due on Frida the 20th; please do not hold your breath.



3 Responses to Apocalypse now…

  1. Anonymous says:

    You must be bored to make such a big deal about a silly rumour.

    By the way, RushdenBoz is Ted.

  2. rdfcfansblog says:

    You misread the post; I was trying to play down the whole saga 😉

    Also, Ted has now been banned, thanks for the tip-off. I feel kind’ve sorry for him, sort of. After I banned his IP address from commenting on this site withouth my approval, he has nowhere to spew out his perpetual crap.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Who the F*** is rushdenboz ?

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