One more piece of the jigsaw…

The first of Rushden’s defensive gaps was filled yesterday by right-back Scott Mitchell. The player, who has played for Ipswich, then-SPL side Livingston and Peterborough, said he decided to turn down offers from “several League clubs” because he wanted to feature regularly in what he thinks will be a succesful season for the Diamonds. 

Above, Scott in action against Celtic.

In an interview with the Northants ET he made claims similar to those made by fellow-newbies Clare, Phillips and Wolleaston.

“I’ve come here where everything is already in place. The facilities wouldn’t look out of place in League One. There’s no way this club should be in the Conference or even League Two. Most of the grounds where I’ve been before are nowhere near as good as this. This is going to be a fresh experience and promotion has got to be the aim. The club has got ambition and I want to give my best so we achieve that. I could have gone to any of several League clubs. But I would rather be pushing for promotion in a team doing well instead of fighting at the bottom of the table.”

He was signed on a 1-year contract. While Rushden’s midfield and attack is lined up to be one of the best in the league – Andy Burgess, JC, Woodhouse, Daryl Clare, Lee Phillips, Marcus Kelly, Lee Tomlin – Rushden’s defence still needs sorting out before August. A goalkeeper, and another two defenders would do much to sooth the qualms of the Rushden fans… 

Meanwhile, Chris Denham, who had been linked with a move to NP, has instead joined Altrincham Town. The player stated that he did not want to go full-time…



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