Is the future bright for RDFC?

Harry “I’m sure Ted will passionately disagree, but I’d like to think that after all the troubles R&D have had over the last five seasons or so, we do indeed have a bright future.
Obviously it is important not to get carried away, but I do feel that this coming season could be the season when things start looking up.
Then again, I suppose the exact same thing has been said for the previous two seasons!

I’ve been surprised, and very pleased, by some comments I’ve read from opposition fans. I post on a forum for an online football management game, a forum on which I never expected to read anything about the Diamonds. However when browsing the other week I noticed a topic talking about the BSP and it was nice to see some very high expectations of us for this season – my favorite quote from quite a few being “I can see Rushden running away with it!”, from an Exeter fan.

Of course little comments like this mean nothing really, but it is always nice to see your club being taken seriously, and it seems that for the first time in a long while, we will be taken seriously this season.

Even so, we have only made a couple of signings so far, and regardless of how good they are, the team still pretty much consists of the players that led us to a very unappealing bottom half finish last season.
It is therefore important not to get to far ahead of ourselves, but the comments from Keith Cousins and the quality of the signings we have made so far is a great sign.

I’ve heard the phrases “Make or break”, “All or nothing” and other similar clichés being used about The Diamonds for next season.
In fact the guy I mentioned earlier, who seemed to think we would run away with the title next season, also acknowledged that if we didn’t manage it, we’d “go bust”.
I really don’t see why this should be the case at all.
As Cousins has made clear, he isn’t the next Max Griggs, and won’t be throwing money into the club willy nilly.
I get the feeling that while he is willing to take risks, he is still a sensible business man trying to run the club in a sustainable way. Therefore I couldn’t see him just pulling out if we fail to win promotion next year. I fully expect him to work with long term aspirations in mind rather than just walking away if things don’t go perfect first time round, but that could just be me being naive.
If we were to gain promotion in the near future I think League 2 would be our limit, the club has already hinted once before that League 1 may be out of our depth.

Even so, considering the dire straits the club was in not long back, even just the thought of getting back into the football league suggests a great turn around.
So yes, I think the future of R&D could well be bright.”

Ted  -“It all depends on what a Rushden fan considers to be a bright future. If, as I suspect, a bright future to a Rushden fan means a sustainable football league club,then the answer is definately no. However, a bright future for Rushden in my eyes, means a sustainable Conference outfit vying to regain and then retain the title of number two club in the county. This is possible, but it needs an awful lot of good fortune and a Chaiman who’s in it for the long haul.”


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