Another new face at Nene Park…

Rob Wolleaston is the latest player to join the club. Woolly joined the Diamonds for an undisclosed fee from Cambridge at the start of the week. He has been in the game for 10 years, and has made appearences for Chelsea, Portsmouth, Bradford, Oxford and Cambridge. He also spent a short spell on loan at Northampton Town.

Below are assorted reactions from the Diamonds forum.

“Good to see another quality signing… KC has done well”

“He might be a decent player, but do we really need to be paying (from how I read it) a lot of money for a midfielder when we should be making a GK and fullbacks our priority? Sorry to sound negative, but I’d much rather that had said ‘Potter’ than ‘Wolleaston’.”

“Woo and Yay! Well kind of. Another midfielder isn’t really what we needed. Anyway I think we should change the club name to Ru$£d€n!”

“Fantastic signing…but where does that leave challinor?”

Wolleaston scored twice in CU’s unsuccesful play-off campaign. He said “We must be aiming to go up. Although it was a good day out at Wembley, it was disappointing to lose at the end of a good season for Cambridge overall. Hopefully I can do it with Diamonds next season.” He joins an attacking line-up bursting with quality: Burgess, Phillips, Clare, Kelly, Woodhouse, Tomlin, Challinor, and now himself. It is the defence, one hopes, that KC and GH will next be looking to improve.

Woolly will be bringing experience, but also a little something extra…


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