Eye on the Terrace (No. 5)


Barrie (Tiesto Rdfc)
Jaff (Jaffacakes_rdfc)
Sooster (WeAreRushden)

 In one word, last season was…

Barrie: Disappointing
Jaff: Inconsistant.
Barrie: Wait, can I changed my word? Messy.
Jaff: No.
Sooster: Bellend Barrie, that was going to be my word, but I agree with you and Samuel.
Barrie: Gayons, pick your own words.

 Highlight of the season?

Barrie: Meeting Saskia!

Who was your player of the season?

Sooster: Andy Burgess.
Barrie: Charles Ademeno *breaks into his song for him*
Sturman: Andy Burgess
Jaff: Yup, Burge for me.
Barrie: I’m joking, gotta be Burgess.

How do you feel about the upcoming season?

Sturman: Moist.
Barrie: Oi, I wanna go first, still one word?
Sooster: Optimistic, Feeling it more so now that we have two top quality strikers.
Barrie: That was my word.
Jaff: Quietly confident and really looking forward to it!
Sturman: Excited, but not overay excited as the past 2 seasons have taught me better, but with the added K*ttering game’s I can’t wait!
Barrie: Yeah looking forward to it immensly.

6 points off K*ttering, or 6 past Turley?

Sturman: K*ttering
Barrie: K*ttering
Sooster: 6 pts off K*ttering, 6 past Harper.
Jaff: That would be nice. Would love 6 points off K*ttering and I’d settle for 5 past Turley again.

Which striking partnership would you rather go into the season with… last season’s Jacko/Rankine, or this season’s Phillips/Clare?

Barrie: Jacko left a while back, Irish Diamond.
Jaff: Can I pick Jackson/Clare?
Sooster: Phillips/Clare, more experience and 2 different players that can combine well together.
Jaff: How do you know they will play well together?
Sturman: Phillips/Clare, A hard worker and a goal scorer sounds like a good combo!
Sooster: Oe does the dirty work for the other, the other puts it in the back of the net… I
should be Gary Hill.
Jaff: Gary Hill is better looking than you.

*For the benefit of the readers, StuartRDFC has entered the interview.

Who do you expect to shine next year?

Sturman: Tom Shaw – At the end of last season he had a decent run in the side, hopefully he can mature and grow into a better player this season playing alongside experienced players such as Woodhouse and Burgess more frequently.
Barrie: Dale Roberts.
Sooster: We’d be lucky! Marcus Kelly, I can see him coming back from his poor form. If he keeps free from injury we shall see him back to his best.
Stuart Little: Rankine will shine.
Jaff: I agree with Sturman, If Tom Shaw gets a good enough run in the starting line up, he’ll be one to watch and Im expecting to see a lot more from Tomlin and Challinor this season. Also, watch Clare’s movement off the ball.
Sturman: Why Thank you Alex, I’m always right.
Barrie: Ben nunn cracking young prospect in a Problem position recently for rushden, made his first team debut at grays.

After several seasons of crapness, why do you keep coming?

Jaff: ‘Cos we’re mad! Nah it hasnt all been crap! Seriously, I couldnt not come.
Sooster: Diamond burgers are bloody handsome!
Barrie: Its never dull watching R&dfc and the loyals we have are the greatest fans in the land.
Stuart Little: I only come to see DanielG’s sister, Emily!
Sturman: You can’t predict what will happen every game is different you always live in the hope that next week the team will put in a decent performance and you don’t want to miss it.

Where will we finish next season?

Barrie: Top.
Stuart Little: 4th.
Jaff: Too early to say, 6th on goal difference!
Sooster: Playoffs if we get a few more new faces in.
Sturman: Heart says playoffs, Head says midtable obscurity.

Is the future bright for Rushden and Diamonds FC?

Barrie: You never know whats just around the corner, but i truely believe that with two or three more key signings the good times can deffinetly be coming back to nene park.
Sturman: Depends,we’ve got a decent squad on paper, but its a very tough league like last year showed.
Sooster: the future is definitly bright, as long as the youth get funding. Be back in a sec, got dinner.
Stuart Little: with the players that we are getting in & already have, & the things Cousins has been saying, it sure is!
Jaff: The Futures bright, the Futures white.

Thanks to Barrie, Sturman, Sooster, Stuart and Jaff for taking to time to complete the newest EOTT!


4 Responses to Eye on the Terrace (No. 5)

  1. Sturman says:

    Excellent, I must say!

  2. Jaff says:

    Oh my that is fabulous!

  3. Andrew Barrie says:

    i want soosters babies.

  4. The Real Andrew Barrie says:

    Who the fuck put that???

    Oh dear only just found this very entertaining just a shame someone had to spoil it tut.

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