Rallying call from Cousins as Diamonds YT set-up under threat…

After vowing to help bring many more faces to NP over the summer, Keith Cousins has now asked for OUR financial support. With the Diamonds Youth set-up now not receiving any Football League funding – having failed to gain promotion back to the FL last term – Cousins has asked a many fans as possible to forward the Season Ticket discount money to the YT scheme. However, the response has not been succesful…

Cousins admitted: “That has been disappointing and losing the funding was bad enough. We will fight hard to maintain the high standards within the youth set-up where more than 300 boys are associated to us. This is a community club. But people seem to be supporting the first team rather than the club as a whole. Because of that lackadaisical approach by some, we are running the risk of losing those talented youngsters. Do they really want that?

Paul Driver is heading the fundraising campaign; any donations or ideas to offer? Email paul.driver@rd-fc.co.uk

Already, the Rushden messageboard is awash with debate…

“How about the previously posted idea of something like the Darlington away kit with supporters names about an inch long at ten pounds a time They looked really great and must have fetched in thousands of pounds! “

 etc. etc.


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