Hello, goodbye…

Rushden bade farewell to Dean Howell over the last couple of days, as he signed for Aldershot Town. However, the loss was more than made up for, as prolific goalscorer Daryl Clare signed for the Diamonds.  The striker has scored 48 goals for Burton since his move there two summers ago, and has enjoyed spells at Crawley (11 goals in 25 games), Chester (48 in 62) and Boston (25 in 47). He has won the Conference Golden Boot award twice.

A member of Burton’s messageboard claimed that he was “gutted” to see Clare go. “He was the difference between mid-table obscurity and play-off contention”. Another claimed that “Burton has died today…”, certainly a good sign.

Reportedly, Rushden have also signed Torquay Utd striker Lee Phillips for a fee of £15,000. Phillips scored 16 goals last term, and proved a popular figure because of his work rate.

Without wanting to tempt fate, with two new signings of very high quality, Rushden seem to be heading tin  the right direction. With the possibility of Bradley Wood-Garness joining the Diamonds attack, Rushden are already gearing up for improvement on last season’s league campaign. The dismay that greeted the news of Howell’s departure was short lived and, as one fan put it, for the first time in years excitement about the new season is rife.


10 Responses to Hello, goodbye…

  1. BartonRaz says:

    Excitement was rife for the last couple of seasons in the BartonRaz camp.

    I won’t be getting carried away, even if we are signing some real quality!

  2. Ted says:

    I wouldn’t get excited either Barton. Even good players end up flopping when they get to Nene Park. The club’s cursed you see, it’s retribution because Max endeavored to kill off all the major local competition.

  3. Ted says:

    Well I’ve got to hand it to headbutting Hill, signing the ‘Didier Drogba’ of the Conference is really going to pull in the crowds at Nene Park.Lol I can’t wait for the season to start and all those moaners to start getting on the manager’s back when it all goes tits up.Lol

  4. Ted says:

    Had to laugh at the Diamond forum today. There’s Frag and his croanies deluding themselves that in a years time R@D will be a league club again. They can’t get it into their heads that their club is such small fry compared to the likes of Oxford, Exeter, Torquay , Mansfield, Wrexham et al,. It gives me such ammunition for taking the pee.Lol lol lol

  5. wwodb says:

    talking to yoursen again Ted?

  6. Ted says:

    As long as there’s a Dumbo reading it , I’ll keep writing it. Lol

  7. rdfcfansblog says:

    Oh, you.

    Are you really so short-sighted that you cannot conceive that we have a chance at returning to the league, EVER? Jokes aside, surely there WILL be a time, maybe not in the next few seasons, fair enough, when we can return?

  8. Ted says:

    The only reason that you got in the league beforee, was because of the obscene amount of
    money pumped into the club. No obscene amount of money pumped into the club, no league status-End of!

  9. Irish Diamond says:


  10. Ted says:

    Morecambe are a much bigger club than Diamonds and they have a stronger fan base. They also have nearly ninety years of history and are not a football mongrel.

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