An ALTERNATE season review…

By RDFC_Rob (Ressident pessimist)

League Campaign.
I can’t remember what I predicted at the start of the season but I think it was just outside the play-offs. We are outside of the play-offs so I got it right in one sense but I didn’t think we would be so far away come the end of the season. I think the writing was on the wall from August first Ebbsfleet and then Kiddy were both bad losses and even the home win against Farsley was unconvincing. Then came the unbeaten period that seemed to go on forever and was made up of loads of draws that bogged us down. Even if we had won a couple more of those and moved up the table a bit I think we would have been flattering to deceive. Then came (probably) the best part of our season, 3 thumping wins against Solihull, Oxford and Macclesfield and maybe we were past the worse of it. Except we weren’t and we managed to gift Northwich their first win and lost to village side Histon at home. This stuttering form seemed to carry on throughout the last half of the season and the only bright spark was that we managed to only lose twice at home since losing to Histon and put in some good performances against the likes of Torquay and Weymouth. If we can keep our good home record going into next season then you never know what could happen…
Cups, Cups and more Cups.
Lots of cup games and as with most cups they end in disappointment. We’ve had stark contrasts in each competition: In the FA Cup we had great performances against Solihull and Oxford and then we got tonked 5-1 by Brizzle. In the FA Trophy we beat Exeter and Halifax and then followed it up with a damp squib of a game against York and that was the end of that campaign. In the Setanta Shield we managed 3 great performances and 1 rubbish one on the way to the Final and then unfortunately lost out on penalties to Aldershot in Aldershot. While making a great comeback it was a very sad way to go out.
Game of the season.
Oxford at home or Macclesfield at home maybe Aldershot away if you discount the penalties.
Down-point of the season.
Billions of them! *deep breath* Loss to Northwich, loss to Histon, loss to Stevenage, draw to Droyslden, loss to Oxford, loss to York in the Trophy, Tomlin’s miss at the end of the SSF, Penalties in the SSF, Ebbsfleet at home, Kiddy at home, Jacko going, Dale going and Kettering going up are just a few of them.
Player of the season.
Maybe Rankine for persistence or maybe Burgess for skill and Shaw or Woodhouse for work rate.
Disappointment of the season.
Only being able to produce good performances in the big games and thereby losing to crap like Northwich.
Surprise of the season.
The original forum closing and then one popping up so quickly showing that we really have some people stuck on the internet, me being one of course.
Best legs of the season award, sponsored by Diamondsforever.
You go to the game to watch the game not to check out the players! A reason why women shouldn’t be allowed in the game another one is after watching the Women’s FA Cup Final most of them can’t play football and really can’t play in goal! (DISCLAIMER: Views not necessarily shared by RDFC Fans’ site….!)
Djibril Cisse haircut of the season award.
Woody’s afro thingy.
Peter Crouch dance celebration.
Rankine’s flip that he only seems to do in FA Cup games. I can imagine him hurting himself one day.
Taxi of the season.
Rankine’s worm because its an embarrassing way to score a goal.

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    Someone is trying too hard.

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