Season Review 2007-2008

A season that ultimately began with a friendly against Brackley in July, and ended, 9 months later, with a match against the same team, has come to a close. 62 competitive games (including 16 cup matches: surely a club record?), 166 goals, and the first time we have finished above the relegation zone for two consecutive years since our Division 3 winning year of 2003. We’ve said goodbye to Simeon Jackson, and Wayne Hatswell, and said hello to dwindling crowd numbers, and something resembling mid-table comfort.


A season that never really got going, inconsistency was again the crime. Should Rushden’s 9-game unbeaten run early in the season had produced less draws and more wins (3W 6D) Rushden could have avoided having to play catch-up with the play-off pack for the majority of the season. While the season did bring some good moments, it is the bad ones (Stevenage on Boxing Day, granting Northwich their first win of the season in November) that is likely to be remembered.


As already stated, Rushden enjoyed a 16-game cup campaign this term. Taking part in the FA Cup, FA Trophy, Setanta Shield, and the Hillier Cup, the Diamonds had more than ample distraction from their stuttering league season. Rushden also enjoyed much more success in these cups: becoming the only non-league club in the First Round of the FA Cup to beat a league club; earning Soccer AM’s goal-of-the-game in the next round; scoring two late goals to put us through to the quarter-finals of the FA Trophy; seeing Tom Shaw’s wonder-striker beat the Cambridge United goal-keeper in the first round of the Setanta Shield; scoring 15 goals in 4 Hillier Cup games on the way to retaining the trophy; and, finally, seeing the most beautiful, graceful, audacious strike ever to grace British football.

Game of the Season

5-0 over Oxford at Nene Park. Burgess’ shot beating Billy Turley (via two defenders legs), Simeon Jackson grabbing a brace, a great atmosphere and a decidedly peeved off looking Bald Eagle all combined to give those present their  most enjoyable evening for seasons.

The electric 3-3 extr-time Stenata Shield tie with Aldershot also should be up there among the best games of the season.

Down-point of the season

0-1 against Northwich? 1-2 against Stevenage? Rankine’s miss against York in the FAT? 1-4 vs. Crawley? i could go on.

Player of the Season

Andy Burgess. Overtaking Billy Turley in the all-time appearence list, and moving his way up to 3rd in said list at the end of the season, capped off a briliant campiagn for our prodigal son. Winning the Press POTY, Fans’ POTY and well as the Official Club POTY is no mean feat. Hinting at wanting to stay at Nene Park for more season to come is just the icing on the cake.

Dissapointment of the season

Neither Lee Tomlin nor Michael Rankine have matured into regular goal scorers, as was hoped.

Surprise of the Season

Ted lasted until well into the season before being banned from The Diamonds Forum

Best-legs-of-the-season award, sponsored by Diamondsforever…

Phil Gulliver 😉

Djibril Cisse haircut of the season…

Dean Howell. Don’t try this at home.

Peter Crouch dance celebration award goes to…

Simeon Jackson (link). Keep your day job, mate!

“Taxi” of the season.

See “Djibril Cisse haircut of the season”…


Dazzler. If a picture paints a thousand words, well, Dazzler had helped a lot this term. Supplying upwards of 1200+ match photos to be used on the blog, he has given the site one of its more popular features. On behalf of all the readers, thanks a lot, mate.



20 Responses to Season Review 2007-2008

  1. Ted says:

    For a start it would be useful to spell “disappointment” correctly Lol

    Well, no matter how anyone tries to gloss over it, it’s another woeful season for Rushden & Diamonds. I remember in the not to distant past being ridiculed for many of my statements. I predicted that the attendances would decline to around the thousand mark.. Despite theories such as “there’ll pick up when everyone’s back from their holidays,” I have been proved right. I also predicted that MK Dons were your biggest threat, and once again I was ridiculed. The despicable Dons now getting 5 figure attendances while you are struggling to get 4 figure attendances. It does appear that the ‘glory hunters’ from Rushden land have joined the ‘glory Hunters’ from Milton Keynes. Off the pitch, the club still has the very same dilemma. It has tries to franchise out parts of the stadium complex, but as I predicted, no one has made it work. Max ploughed millions of pounds of hard working shoe worker’s money into a complete white elephant.

    My predictions for the future, well something has to give. The football league parachute payment for subsidising the youth team has disappeared, so, save for a miracle, that will be disolved in the near future, On the pitch, another miracle is needed if the Diamonds are to get anywhere near the playoffs next season, and I predict that headbutting Hill will be under pressure yet again, but we all know that he can’t lose his job. I love the continuing saga at Nene Park, and you can read it like a book. However, we all know that there’s no happy ending.

  2. Aardvaark says:

    As usual Ted starts with a little dig about an incorrect spelling and then treats us to several grammatical gems of his own.

    Should be “too” distant, not “to” distant
    Should be “they’ll” pick up, not”there’ll” pick up
    We still get 4 figure attendances (1,000 and over is 4 figures)
    Should be it has “tried” not it has “tries”
    Should be “dissolved” not “disolved”.

    In essence,a lot of what he says is not far out, but we are still going despite his dire warnings.He should look back at the history of his own club and see how often in the past they have been “on their uppers” to use the shoeworking analogy.

  3. Ted says:

    111 years as a football club and 87 consecutive years as a Football League club. That’s something that R& D will never be able to boast. Yes, you’re still going, but the fall from grace has been astounding. Next season you’re back in the same league as the Poppies (who will more than likely beat you) and it’s going to be another season of struggle on and off the pitch. Would it not have been better to just be put down like a rabid dog, than put the remaining few hundred of hardy fans through the pain and suffering of a terminal illness? They say a fool and his money are soon parted, but unfortunately the real losers are all those hard working shoemakers who lost their futures because of business ineptitude. I don’t want to see your club die, because each year brings around more anticipation of further woes in Diamond land, and I’m sure that this year is going to be just as amusing. The Diamonds were founded to destroy the opposing Northamptonshire football clubs, but it’s exploded in the faces of the instigators, and I’m enjoying every minute of it.Lol

  4. Aardvaark says:

    Exactly, 111years, despite financial problems in more of those years than not. I can remember bucket collections etc keeping your club going. Would you be financially viable if the Cardozas chose to withdraw?.
    In the world according to Ted why did the board at Northampton turn Max Griggs down?
    As for being formed to destroy other Northamptonshire football clubs that is laughable,they seem to be doing very well thank you. Wellingborough reformed a year or so back,Corby are playing at their highest level for years and even the ploppies are back in the conference.

  5. Ted says:

    Exactly, Max has failed in his mission to destroy the opposition in Northamptonshire

    It’s a damn good job that Max didn’t take over at Northampton, as we’d in the same predicament as you are now.- a hand to mouth existence, half of the ground closed and playing in front of barely a thousand paying customers.

    Finally, you should catch up with the local football news that Northampton Town is now being run in a prudent and professional way, are now breaking even and even looking to make a small profit and have recorded record Season Ticket sales so far for next season.Add to this a very creditable 9th position on Div 1 and a successful youth system that churning out excellent young players.

    I don’t know whether your nickname is Rip Van Winkle, but during the time that you’ve obviously been asleep, the tide has turned, and you’re now the third team in Northants,
    have a thug as a manager and haven’t a pot to p**s in. Ain’t life sweet! Lol

  6. Aardvaark says:

    As always you have replied selectively. I asked why the board at Northampton turned Max Griggs down but you haven’t answered that question. I assume from what you say that if the Cardozas withdrew Northampton would be able to carry on .I am not disagreeing with you over Hill,I hadn’t even mentioned him.Please also explain why you feel it necessary to resort to name calling,I have been as wide awake as the next football fan.We are second equal in status in Northants with Kettering as from next season,and still will be whatever positions us and plopps finish in the league. Enjoy your current upturn while you can, you have a good young manager and obviously some decent players but things change and you could plummet back down just as easily.One point I was making is that you have been in our position many times in the past,your stand was condemned and replaced by a meccano one,the old County ground was easily the worst in the league and but for the irony of Kidderminster’s ground not meeting the required standard even though yours was worse you would have lost your league status.

  7. Ted says:

    No we’ve never been in you position because we’ve never had so much money ploughed into our club. The truth may hurt, but the fact is that Rushden, Irthlingborough and the surrounding hamlets will NEVER support a football league club. The one and only reason that your club ever realised league status was that a foolish but rich fen dweller went against every business advice that he was given, and built his ‘field of nightmares’ in the middle of nowhere. There’s a reason why we have a proud history of 87 continuous years as a league club, and that is because we have a strong foundation built on tradition. If the Cardozas were to leave, there’d immediately be other benefactors who would take on the role of supporting the club., there always has been and there always will be. Don’t ever dare to compare our proud club with R&D, who in their hour of need attracted no support. You had a futile attempt of being a club run by the fans, which was a total disaster ,even though it was primarily funded for two years by Griggs.

    Yes, we could have gone down to the Conference, but the history books say that we didn’t. Hitler may have won the war, and we might all be taking German. but I only deal in facts.The fact is you are where you are because you deserve to be, and we are a league club because we deserve to be. We have over three thousand Season Ticket holders and your club has three hundred. The truth is that when it came down to the crux of supporting a football club, Rushden & Diamonds has been found seriously wanting.

    There is no league future for Diamonds, just a future of non-league obscurity with the odd cup tie thrown in every few years. Wait a minute, didn’t Irthlingborough Diamonds have a history of non-league obscurity with the odd cup tie highlight? They say what goes around, comes around! The sad thing is, all that money that has been spent and all that misery that those poor shoe workers have been through, for SWEET F A. You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to defend the despicable waste of money that the whole sordid episode has cost, and the fact is that you’ve got absolutely nowhere.

  8. Rob says:

    Yes, yes we get it Ted in fact we got it approximately three years ago when you first started spouting your drivel and so since we have finally (finally!) grasped your facts could you kindly go and annoy your own fans, fans of that… (oh what was it I’ve forgotten the points from your rants oh wait I remember, yes that’s it!) proud 87 year football club. Go away you serve no purpose you complete and utter cretin.

  9. Ted says:

    Rob- for your information, I was telling you that it was all going to end in tears way before it finally did.However, I was ridiculed by all and sundry, especially when for a few months Diamonds overtook my club in league status.I knew it wouldn’t last, but even I was shocked at the speed that it all fell apart, and how quickly the ‘fans’ deserted the club. There again, the east of the county has always housed the dregs of the county, so no one should have been surprised at the desertion. Before I sold my empire, I was always reluctant to do any business in the east of the county, because it was nearly always hassle and a struggle to get paid. Nothing any good ever materialised from the Rushden area, and I knew that no good would ever come from Nene Park. There’s only one team in Northants!

  10. Aardvaark says:

    you STILL haven’t answered my question.I wasn’t saying Northampton were in Rushden’s position in terms of status but in terms of financial embarrassment,from which you have always managed to recover so credit where it is due. I fully accept that the only reason Rushden got into the league was through Griggs’ largesse and that once the plug was pulled football at league level would be unsustainable,East Northants is not really populous enough to finance it. No football club survives on gate receipts alone as you have just admitted by saying another benefactor would come along.As far as your disparaging comments about the east of the county you should take a look at Northampton itself, the a***hole of the county.

    I have tried to engage in reasoned debate with you without resorting to name calling but I have to accept that I have failed,not through my efforts, but due to your biased ,intransigent ,blinkered,unreasonable and probably unintelligent views of something you really shouldn’t be all that bothered about. I can only assume you have some, as yet, unrevealed grudge which fuels your bitter vitriol.

    I have nothing more to say to you so please do not bother to reply

  11. Ted says:

    Why didn’t you say that the truth hurts, it would have saved you an awful lot of time and effort. King Ted wins again! Lol

  12. Rob says:

    Now that you have ‘won’ will you kindly piss off?

  13. Ted says:

    Rob-Do you really want this blog to close down? I’m the only bugger who creates any kind of interest on this site, the same as I was the only one who created any kind of interest on the Rushden forum. Look at what the forum has become since I was ruthlessly banned, and yes, I still am able to visit and see the deluded Diamonds spouting their garbage.Lol You fans are as non-league as your club, and like your club, you’re deteriorating by the day.
    King Ted.

  14. Rob says:

    “Look at what the forum has become since I was ruthlessly banned…”

    What a calm place used for what it was meant to be used for, that being a place for OUR fans to talk about OUR club? Yes I can see that’s a massive step in the wrong direction from the fantastic days of you clogging it up with rubbish. Here’s a place you will be able to talk about YOUR club:

  15. rdfcfansblog says:

    Ted – please don’t delude yourself that you are in any way valuable to the forum, or this blog.

    Rob – I’ve found after years of irritation, that it’s better to simply let Ted ramble as he wishes…

  16. Ted says:

    Irish Diamond-Yes, that’s why you emailed me and asked for a contribution for your blog.Tut tut

    The truth is, none of you can live without me. You are such a passionless bunch of supporters, that it takes good old King Ted to stir you all up.Lol

  17. Irish Diamond says:

    Ted, even you must have known that your “contribution” was nothing more than some light entertainment during a dull period! Your absurd views were only used to bring some attention to the site during its earlier days. Get over yourself.

    Speaking of your contributions, I do remember you promising an expose on why Westley was really sacked — apparently only you knew the answer — I seem to be still waiting…

  18. Ted says:

    Yes, I do know why Westley was sacked, but I’m afraid it’s not for a public forum. I also know of some very disturbing news regarding your club that’s going t be in the public domain very soon, and when it does, you’ll all know what King Ted was talking about. Nudge nudge wink wink.

  19. rdfcfansblog says:

    How gloriously vague, Teddy.

  20. Ted says:

    Well. I told you that “disturbing” news was coming. Lol lol lol.

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