Pre-season friendlies announced…


Rushden look set to enjoy a glamorous pre-season schedule, with two of the countries biggest clubs visiting Nene Park during the summer: Keith Cousins last night confirmed that Arsenal and Tottenham will both play the Diamonds during the empty months before next season.

The somewhat less exotic Derby County and Peterborough Utd will also face Rushden in the summer, with the latter presumeably coming in the annual Mansuel Cup competition.

Rushden will be hoping to re-enact their 3-2 win over a Tottenham Hotspur XI from last summers pre-season schedule, a win in front of just under 3000 fans. Similar attendances should be realised for the games against Arsenal, and Spurs.


5 Responses to Pre-season friendlies announced…

  1. Ted says:

    I’m sure that even the notoriously gullible Diamond fans are not going to fall for the same old spin. Everyone knows that it’s going to be Arsenal and Spurs’ eigth team that will be visiting Nene Park, and all of the decent players will off abroad on some tour or other,

  2. BartonRaz says:

    Jamie O’Hara? Teemu Tainio? Danny Murphy? Hardly their 8th team Ted, more like 2nd/3rd!

  3. Ted says:

    Stop splitting hairs Barton. Already on your forum the idiots are talking about Fabregas coming. You know it ain’t gonna happen. If there’s one thing I abhor, it’s spin. It’s destroyed the Labour government and it’ll destroy your club.

  4. Irish Diamond says:

    Mate, you know that Fabregas stuff was meant in jest. Of course Nene Park won’t be flooded with foreign class. Just something to talk about in the close season.

  5. Ted says:

    No, deluded Diamond syndrome is alive and well. Lol

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