Burgess looking forward not back.

Reiterating comments made in his recent interview with the Rushden fans’ messageboard (where he stated that his aims for next season are “promotion and a new deal”) Andy Burgess has once again shown that he is looking forward, and not back. In an interview with BBC Radio Northampton, Burgess stated that, despite making “poor decisions” in his career —  most likely referring to his unsuccesful move to Oxford, and his turning down of the now Championship-bound Swansea — he is already looking to the new season.

“I’ve probably made wrong decisions in my career … but you live and learn and I have got no regrets. I don’t think there’s any points having regrets. I’ve enjoyed my football this season … and I think next season we can go on and achieve good things here.”

Burgess has been applauded by many this term, during a season that has been filled with plaudits. After overtaking both Billy Turley, and Darren Collin’s appearence records this term, Burgess was awarded the Fans’ Player of the Season, The Press Player of the Season and the official club Player of the Season. He also received the Player of the Month awards for both January, and April (coming soon).


One Response to Burgess looking forward not back.

  1. Ted says:

    Got to admire his candid honesty I suppose. To say that he’s made bad career decisions is the understatement of the year. In fact his career has gone backwards, and he now plays in bottom half Conference outfit when he could be enjoying his first taste of Championship football with Swansea. Ultimately he has to blame himself for the woeful decisions he’s made … (edited – Ted, you know what things you can say, and what things you can’t say!)… There’s no doubting his ability, but at crunch times and in big matches he has been found wanting, and perhaps this gives us a clue as to why he hasn’t progressed.

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