Closing day…

To see photos from the recent defet to Gray’s, click here. *Link fixed*

Rushden welcome league champions Aldershot Town today, as they finish off their 46-game league campaign.

With 14th place now out of reach, Rushden need just a point to ensure they finish in 15th place. Crawley Town, who are a point behind the Diamonds, face Torquay today.

(Above: The PDB, pre-match.)

Margy warms up, above.

More warming up…

The Shots fans begin to congregate.


The PDB watches on, with the score 0-0 after 30 minutes.

Below, theother scores from the division w/ the half drawing to a close.



Above, Aldershot fail to take advantage of a free-kick in a promising area.

HT, 0-0.

The second half kicks off, with Jake Beecroft preparing to be brought on.

With Crawley winning at the moment, Rushden will drop a place to 16th should the situation remain as it is.

Sam Smith put Rushden into the lead, as Lawrence Lambley replaced Osano.

However, the home side’s lead didn’t last long, as Aldershot’s John Grant equalised from the penalty spot. 20 minutes of the season to go…

Above, the Shots fans celebrate their equaliser en masse.

Rushden’s final day of the season drew in 2196 fans, 816 of which were Shots supporters.

The Shot’s Anthony Straker received a red card in injury time, not the way in which he wanted his league campaign to finish.

Full-time. A 1-1 draw is a nice was to end the campaign, particularily when it is achieved against the league leaders. With Crawley winning, Rushden finish the season in 16th place, and with a GD of 0.

Hi ho Rushden Diamonds.


3 Responses to Closing day…

  1. Ted says:

    Well, only 1300 home fans bother to turn up on a lovely spring Saturday to watch the ‘mighty’ Diamonds cement 16th place in the Conference. How low the ‘mighty’ fall! Lol lol lol

  2. rdfcfansblog says:

    Oh, you.

    See you next August, Teddy.

  3. Ted says:

    It’s a date! Have a nice summer everyone.

    Love Ted.

    PS. I’ll be coming to the Diamonds v Poppies matches next season-supporting Kettering of course.

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