Rushden versus Exeter

Rushden aim to earn their fourth win in 8 games today, as they take on Exeter City. The Grecians have one just twice in their last 5 games, but are still only off the play-off places on GD. Exeter have suffered indifferent away record of late, winning 3, drawing 2 and losing 3 of their last 8 games away from St. James’ Park. Rushden, on the other hand, have lost just once at home since mid-December.

Rushden & Diamonds V Exeter City


25 Mikkel Andersen   Paul Jones 27
2 Curtis Osano   Steve Tully 2
4 Dean Howell   George Friend 3
5 Chris Hope (Capt)   Matt Gill 4
26 Michael Corcoran   Dan Seabourne 5
17 Andy Gooding   Adam Stansfield 9
11 Andy Burgess   Steve Basham 12
8 Curtis Woodhouse   Rob Edwards 15
15 Lee Tomlin   Matt Taylor 16
14 Michael Rankine   Dean Moxey 21
27 Abdou El-Kholti   Ryan Harvey 28
  Subs   Subs  
21 Jake Beecroft   Andy Marriott 1
4 Phil Gulliver   Wayne Carlisle 10
7 Jon Challinor   Bertie Cozic 14
23 Conal Platt   Richard Logan 20
28 Sam Smith   Ben Watson 32

(Above: pre-match action)

Photos will be uploaded throughout the afternoon. Check back soon!

(Above: Exeter fans queue to get into the Airwait)

(Above) Exeter fans enjoy the first half-hour, as their team lead 1-0.

Above, the Exeter fans watch on, as does, below, the Exeter bench.

Rushden fans, below.

Rushden defend.

The second-half kicks off.

(Above and below) Rankine is stretchered off after a collison with the Exeter ‘keeper.

Above, the North Stand.


3 Responses to Rushden versus Exeter

  1. Ted says:

    Definitely a case of, is there anybody there? How long can this continue,!The club is down to a little over a thousand paying home supporters, and with season ticket sales likely to be as popular as King Herod in a creche, the future looks rather less than bright. However, Ted warned you of this, but, as always, you preferred to shut your eyes and put your hands over your ears and ignore the situation. They say lightening never strikes twice in the same place, but at Nene Park it’s struck with bewildering frequency.

  2. BartonRaz says:

    Ted, no-one preferred to shut their eyes. It became apparent this would happen at the start of the season when the gates had dropped, but what do you expect the fans to do about it?

  3. Ted says:

    BartomRaz-I always had respect for you, because you seldom spoke anything less than constructive comment. However, many of your fellow fans were only to quick to put me down and bury there heads in the sand, It’s been a catalogue of disasters at your club right from the start of the decline. For a start, that foolish, unqualified woman was allowed not only to stay at the club, but given promotion to undertake tasks that put her completely out of her depth. The first thing that you do in the face of adversity is to rally the “troops” and all pull together. This, as you well know, was never done, and the formation of the trust produced a them and us scenario which alienated certain supporters and has resulted in good people severing links with the club.Another woeful piece of mis-management was not to sack the manager after his outrageous violent attack on at Salisbury. This caused a rift between the local press and club, something which the Diamonds are in no position to endure. In answer to question ” what do you expect the fans to do about it?” I think it speaks for itself that they should have been far more vociferous in the condemnation of certain decisions that have ultimately caused serious damage to the club, and which has resulted in a far more rapid decline than even I anticipated.

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