From Leeds with love.

wewantourdarbyback has kindly agreed to pen an article outlining the highs and lows of supporting the Diamonds from afar.

There are many rituals a football fan goes through before a match: the pie on arriving at the ground; walking to the usual standing/sitting point; praying to all the gods that for once Gary Hill will play Burgess in position. For a small yet hardy bunch those are dispensed with. These folk sit in front of their computers on match day, scouring the internet for some sort of radio commentary from any source they can think of, and waiting for the team sheet to appear on the BBC website.

I can count myself amongst the few who support the mighty Diamonds from afar. The two speakers next to my monitor are my window into most of the season. Every match day I sit here in my room shut off from the outside world to follow Rushden wherever they may be playing. Mostly it follows the same pattern:

·         Find radio player

·         Listen to first half

·         Get beer in order to calm nerves

·         Post comments about the commentary

·         Get second beer to drown sorrows

Of course at times there is the odd variation, take for instance the game against Ebbsfleet earlier this season… while the commentary deserves its entire own article, the game ended with the alcohol being consumed in a celebratory mood. Unfortunately every time I end up in this wonderful state my two Premiershipsupporting housemates do their best to bring me down to earth with a bump. Fortunately I am thicker skinned than that and their jibes at the quality of non league football bounce off (unfortunately, once that doesn’t work I have to weather taunts about Leeds United, but that’s a different matter). In this day and age it is not often that there is not a commentary to listen to even at this low(ish) level of football, but on the odd occasion there isn’t and it is at this point that the fan from afar has to try his nerves with the BBC text commentary…

The BBC is wonderful in many times with its sporting coverage and it has to be said that they never leave us without a clue about what has happened to our favourite team from East Northants. Unfortunately the way this is done is through their text commentary, a service that at the best frustrates and at worst shreds the nerves of even the steeliest of supporters.  The two minutes between the page refreshing itself can be the longest that a fan will go through in their life if they are waiting in a particularly important or tight game.

 But in the end nothing is going to stop the fan from going through the highs and lows of following their team every week… if nuclear war broke out in the middle of a Rushden game, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t notice, even if I can’t see what’s happening.

Thanks to Ben for writing the article. If you wish to be the next to mount the Podium, either leave a comment below, or send an email to


2 Responses to From Leeds with love.

  1. Tim Whelan says:

    Come on, you’ve got better options nearer to home. Why not take it easy on yourself and support the mighty Leeds. You know it makes sense!

  2. wwodb says:

    you can tell he doesnt know me^^


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