Mark Lea

This article, originally posted in early-March, has been reproduced here for those who never got to see this interesting text on the Old Blog. 
Mark Lea, sports writer for the Northants ET, has kindly agreed to speak with the Blog. He gives HIS player of the month for February 2008, sheds some light on the situation between the ET and the club, and responds to the accusation that he is biased against the Diamonds
What is the current situation between the ET and the club? As discussed on the RDFC messageboard, one thing that is vital in terms of attracting punters back to Nene Park is the support of the local paper… are talks being held?
The situation hasn’t really changed since mid-September. There have been meetings between Keith Cousins and the ET editor in a bid to resolve this issue. Indeed the last meeting – ironically held before the home game against Salisbury City – seemed to go very well with the prospect of access to the players if not management. However nothing has happened as it appears Mr Cousins’ message was either not passed on to Mr Hill or the manager has simply refused again.
Unfortunately it seems the club are not interested or are unaware that they need the support of the local media. BBC Radio Northampton are only interested in the Saints and the Cobblers while other radio stations and newspapers never go to Diamonds games.
Quite frankly Diamonds don’t merit back-page stories now anyway with the season effectively over and nothing to play for.


The Saints


How to you respond to the accusation that you are biased against Rushden?


Really? Are you winding me up?

I’m sure there are people who believe that as fact, but they don’t know me.

I find it amusing that there were never any comments – either positive or negative – during the ‘glory days’ over our coverage of Diamonds (except from Poppies fans of course!) Now all of a sudden things are going downhill at Nene Park and it’s my fault!

The days of a long match report with every shot on goal are long gone. If that’s what you want then read the official website on a Saturday/Tuesday night.

As Sport on Monday is probably read 48 hours after the game, we need to give an honest assessment. That’s all I’m trying to do. I’m not attending games as a supporter like yourselves. I’m paid to give an independent view with my opinions.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but that doesn’t make any of us right or wrong. I’m certainly not biased against Diamonds and I don’t understand how anyone could believe I am.

Tom ShawSlightly lighter topic, now! Who has been your POTM for February?

Tom Shaw. The midfielder showed again why he should have been given more opportunities earlier in the season.

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