Eye on the Terrace (No.2)

*Archived post*

My name is Sturman, I am 16 years and I have supported Rushden for about 8 year’s now. I currently stand in the Debanke, but I used to sit in the Airwair. After the closure I moved, and I have to say that I have enjoyed the Debanke much more than the Airwair.

Why are we underachieving this term?
Many reasons I think. For a start, we are a team that relies heavely on confidence. When we are high on confidence we can destroy teams, for example the 5-0 scorelines versus Solihull and Oxford, and the 3-1 win against Macclesfield which knocked them out of the cup. At other times, when we have lacked confidence, one bad result just leads to another.
Is Garry Hill the right man for the job?
Sometimes I’ll say yes, and at other times I’ll say no. He seems to be good in the transfer market, and has picked up some great bargains in Howell, Foster and Macca, who are all good players in my eyes. He’s done well bringing Burgess back to the club, and signing players like Osano. But I think, at times, he lets himself down. We all know what happened at Salisbury, and that just gave out a negative impression on our club. What advice would I give him? Play Burgess in his best posititon, on the left wing, and give Tom Shaw a chance, he’s got great potential in my eyes.
——–What should our starting XI be?
—————————–Osano Hope Gulliver Howell
————————–Kelly Woodhouse Challinor Burgess
———————————–Jackson McAllister
Which player would you like to see leave Nene Park?
There are a few players I don’t rate, for example Bastock, Hatswell and El Khoti. El Khoti has never looked very impressive, and always gets caught out, so maybe him.
Right, prediction time. Where will we be come the end of the season?
Heart says a late play-off push, head says an underachieving mid-table finish.
And who will be BSP Champions?
A difficult question to answer… there are a lot of good teams in this league and on most days anyone can beat anyone. I have seen Aldershot, Torquay, Burton, Cambridge and Forest Green play this season and for me Torquay have stood out the most. They had so many quality options up front that they can score for fun, although they are a bit shaky at the back. Aldershot looked good as well put we outplayed them and were unlucky to not get a draw to even a win. I think Torquay have enough experience and class to overtake them.

What has been your highest point of the season so far?
The 5-0 demolition of Oxford was bloody brilliant! The atmosphere was amazing that night… another highpoint would be the 15 minutes during which we held the lead against Bristol Rovers.

And your lowest?
The defeat at Northwich without a doubt, it was an awful performence against an awful team. Or our inability to beat teams like Crawley, Gray’s or Stafford, games we should really be winning.
Thanks a lot to Sturman for taking part in our second Eye on the Terrace feature.

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