Eye on the Terrace (No.1)

*Archived article*

Eye on the Terrace is a new feature to RDFC Blog, in which Diamonds fans are subjected to a number of topical issues surrounding the club.

I’m diamond_geezer1, and I am 25 years old. I have supported Rushden & Diamonds for 15 years. During those 15 years I have frequented The North Stand, The South Stand, The Airwair Stand and for the past 7 years The De-Banke Terrace.

First game at Nene Park?
I can’t re-call who we played, but it was way back in the Beazer Midland League days. I do remember that Kevin Fox was in goal.

You’ve seen literally hundreds of players….who is your all-time favourite?
It’s got to be the great Duane Darby! Ok, he wasn’t the fastest player in the world, but I admired his never-say-die attitude. His hatred of the Poppies helped, too!

We’ve found in Simeon Jackson a prolific and consistent goalscorer, yet people still reminise about Billy Sharp. Who do you prefer?
That’s a tough one, both are quality players! Imagine a Sharp/Jackson partnership…

On the topic of goalscorers, which Diamonds goal is your favourite?
Simple… it has to be the Billy Sharp goal against the Wobblers. I have never experienced anything like it before, the DeBanke was literally falling over itself!

I guess your favourite match is…
Yep, the one against the Wobblers, simply because their fans were saying we were going to get beaten. It’s always nice to prove them wrong!

Is Garry Hill the right man for the job? We have a good enough bunch of players, yet we find ourselves 17th at the Christmas break.
I’m undecided about this. At times we have played out of our skins, but we’ve also lost to teams we should really be beating (Northwich etc.) I wasn’t overly confident when he was appointed manager.

Now, to our goalkeeper problem. Paul Bastock or Paul Nicholls? Neither have proven reliable this season…
Paul Nicholls for me, I never feel confident when Bastock is between the posts…all he does is moan at the players, and blame them for his mistakes, whereas Nicholls encourages the team.

If you had one piece of advice to give to Garry Hill, what would it be?
To actually play the players in their best positions.

Right, fantasy football time. Dream XI?
Ashdown, Osano, Hunter, Peters, Underwood, Hall, Burgess, Butterworth, Sharp, Jackson

Come the end of the season we will be…
Hopefully in the play-offs after a great run of form, but more than likely a mid-table finish. Again.

What’s your favourite terrace song?
“Hi Ho Rushden Diamonds”

Funniest thing you’ve seen at Nene Park?
Many years ago, in our Beazer Home League days, an opposition player had a shot that missed the goal. All of a sudden this woman jumped up cheering and shouting, before realising what had actually happened. She sat down to a lot of laughter from our fans!

Thanks again to Diamonds_Geezer1 for agreeing to take part. If you would like to take part in the next edition of Eye on the Terrace, leave a comment below, or email rushdenanddiamondsblog@hotmail.com.


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