Eye on the Terrace (No. 4)



 *Archived article*

rburlin_880 has kindly agreed to take part in the latest edition of Eye on the Terrace. He started watching the Diamonds casually during our 98/99 “Leeds” season but, since the 01/02 season, he has missed just two home games (which can be excused, as he was in hospital at the time!). He does not get to many away games, but he assures me that as soon as he can drive he will attending as many games as possible… He travels from Milton Keynes for each home game, and he currently sits in the South Stand (after initially frequenting in the Airwair).
That goal…

So….it’s been a rollercoaster few years. What has been your highest point as a Diamonds fan?
I’ve enjoyed the entire journey, up and down! However, one moment that sticks out for me is when Mr. Hall bundled that one in at home to Hartlepool at the end of the 02/03 season.

And your lowest point?
Our relgations…

In recent years it’s been somewhat of a struggle supporting the team. Have you ever considered just stopping?

No….I don’t think I will ever stop!

If you could re-live one match from Rushden’s (admitedly short) history, which game would it be?

When we won 2-1 at Tranmere.

Who did you vote for in the recent “All-Time Diamond” survey?

Duane Darby.

Where do you see the club in 5 years time?

I would like to see us in the Championship, ahead of the Wobblers and McDons! On a serious note I see us as a lower League 2 side.

Garry Hill has come under some criticism recently. The club has failed to live up to its expectations, despite a good group of players. Do you have faith in him?

Although I disagree with many of his team selections, yes, I do.

With no chance of real success in the league this term, what do you want from the players for the remainder of the season?
I ask that the players entertain us and show some passion…. and look like they enjoy playing for the club.

What are your views on the Poppies potential promotion?
I hope they are promoted, it would be great to stick five past them, a la Oxford!

(Thus far) who has been your player of the season?
I would give it to Burgess. As soon as we solve the problem with his position, he will be a class act. He has already shown some flashes of brilliance…

Thanks to rburlin_880 for taking part in this edition of Eye on the Terrace. I f anyone would like to contribute in any way, or take part in a future Eye on the Terrace feature, please email the blog at rushdenanddiamondsblog@hotmail.com





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