Roll on August….

An attendance not seen since our Southern League days and a performence to match. Rushden failed to break down the league’s worst defence, and gifted the Bloods just their third away point of the season. The away fans clearly enjoyed their afternoon, and more than deserved an away point. Now just one point off of the bottom, Droylsden fans may have something to cheer about after all if they can gain another few points in their remaining games and move off the bottom.

Not a good result, not a good performance……..not impressed.”

“I would have to really rack my brains to think of a worse performance than that in my 10+years of following Diamonds.”

“What’s the point of having shocking players like Platt at the club, when young lads like Lambley or Smith are knocking on the door?”

“I know we won’t play that badly on Thursday, we always seem to do quite well against the better teams, but I can’t see us winning after today.”

A half-time announcement urged as many people as possible to make the 200-mile trip to Aldershot on Thursday, but on today’s performence, as one fan put it, “we’d go if the club paid us…”

Nonetheless, Rushden will be competing in their first national cup final, so a large enough number is expected to travel. Aldershot will be more than a challenge, and haven’t lost a home game since mid-January.  Garry Hill has already made his views clear on how he feels about the venue.”I think everybody is very surprised and disappointed the way the decision has been made. I won’t elaborate on that…”

Attendances continue to drop and, while Droylsden brought just 31 fans, the following graph does not make nice reading.


The players have a few days to recover before the SS match, but already Diamonds fans are thinking further ahead.

“Complete team re-build in the summer is needed for us to go anywhere next year”




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