Histon reaction etc.

After the highs of recent weeks, yesterdays defeat came as a deflating blow. For the (debated) 200 or so Diamonds fans who had made the trip to Bridge Road, and watched Rushden come back from behind, it was heartbreak. For the fans at home, following the game via BBC Live Text or Soccer Saturday, it was simply one of many dull dissapointments this season.

Bridge Road

“It is embarrassing that we lost to them! We were considerably better than Histon in all areas of the pitch, which considering they are higher than us is good…”

“…to be fair they deserved it…”

“It was mainly due to Rushden’s pushing forward with a desire to win all three points that left than exposed at the back, and ultimately led to Histons winner.”


One talking point after yesterday’s game was the Diamonds travelling faithful. Despite an official announcement at the ground claiming that just 170 Rushden fans made the trip, fans of both club were adament that the Diamonds brought upwards of 350 fans; a feat that means that away supporters would have outnumbered home fans yesterday.

Rushden fans @ Histon

A segment of the travelling fans.

The result sees the Diamonds drop back into 13th place, one point off the top-half, yet on equal points with Kidderminster and Oxford. With York (11th place) and Kidderminster Rushden’s next two opponents, the Diamonds have every chance to regain their top-half position.


542 minutes without a league defeat comes to an end.


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