Pessimistic Moans; five minutes with RDFCRob

Pessimistic Moans by RDFC Rob


In what we hope will become a regular feature, RDFC Rob takes the podium. He ponders whether Rushden’s winning run will come to an end, discusses the merits of ASDA’s ice-cream section, and attempts to put into words the genius that is Radio Kent. God help us all!

Writing this after our win against Ebbsfleet makes it extra hard to be pessimistic, but I will carry on regardless! Personally my night couldn’t have got better- I got three mentions on Radio Kent’s amazing commentary (It really was amazing, if you want some nice chat for 2 hours and a teeny bit of football listen to Ebbsfleet United’s internet commentary!), we won 3-0 and I managed to beat’s Bumper Karts game and win every race. 

It just seems to be my luck that whenever we get into a good winning streak I end up missing every available home game of that winning streak… so if we end up losing our first game in six against Halifax/NCBA I will revolt not only because I’ve already emotionally thrust myself into the idea that we are going to win the Cake but also because I had already found a fantastic cake to bring to the Final and hold aloft. Oh well, I suppose I will have to eat it instead. 

As I wept into my second large bowl of ASDA’s mint chocolate chip ice cream (2 litres for £1.25, bargain!) while listening to the commentary (…and I was actually weeping), I wondered how many more times could the commentators get our players names wrong. I think I actually managed to make the commentators think Rankine was actually pronounced “Rankeen” and in the process made the anchorman sound quite camp! I think of that as a personal win, making people on the radio sound stupid is quite the achievement don’t you know. Apart from foreign teams we must be one of the best clubs for mispronounces and frankly I’m surprised our ground hasn’t been renamed Neeeene Park just for fun. But spare a thought for the Chelsea stadium announcer who before Wednesday’s game said “And now the Olympiakos team sheet…wish me luck!”…

Foreign players, comin’ over ‘ere challenging our announcers pronunciation skills! Why can’t we go back to the good ol’ days of players called [insert British first name] Smith?!  –Shut the borders I say… and another thing! How patronising is BBC2’s White season? I know the BBC think we’re all idiots but that programme looked like it was intended for pre-school children. Maybe the BBC are being racialists! Right I’m off to write an angry email resulting in a small apology on air…

Song recommendation for the week: Arctic Monkeys – When the Sun Goes Down

TV recommendation for the week: Nothing, listen to Radio Kent. –

The Pessimist  –

PS: I’m not actually a racialist.


Thanks to RDFC Rob for mounting the podium and revealing what exactly goes on in his head. If you wish to be the next fan to vent your spleen on the site, please leave a comment below, or email the blog.


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